Thursday, November 27, 2008

Acoustic Storm Over the Holidays

It's Thanksgiving Day 2008, so I just want to express my gratitude for your support of The Acoustic Storm. I realize how fortunate I am each week to produce something I'm passionate about, and to present music that is loved by so many of us.

Also, thanks to Karen, Jeff, and Ed for their comments on my previous blog post. It's great to expand the Storm community of listeners and to find out where you're listening. Please feel free to add comments on this blog as there's no shortage of acoustic-rock to talk about.

This holiday weekend, The Acoustic Storm will weave in some sets based on the theme of "home." After all, like they say in the "Wizard of Oz"....there's no place like home. A sample of what we'll hear includes Lynyrd Skynyrd's acoustic version of "Sweet Home Alabama," Simon & Garfunkel's "Homeward Bound," and a couple of Beatles' tunes, "She's Leaving Home" and "Two of Us (On Our Way Back Home)." Plus, Pink Floyd gets the spotlight in the Eye of The Storm with music that spans the career of the band that was named after two bluesmen from the Deep South.

Then it's on to December, and here's what the program line-up looks like for featured artists in the Eye of The Storm:

12/6-12/7: JAMES TAYLOR
12/20-12/21: YES and ELP (An Acoustic Storm Christmas)
12/27-12/28: ROLLING STONES

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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