Friday, October 31, 2008

A November to Remember

November has arrived, bringing with it a highly-anticipated Presidential Election, Thanksgiving and five Acoustic Storms (come to think of it, a five-weekend month sounds pretty good).

By the way, thank you for the positive feedback on last weekend's 10th anniversary show. The Acoustic Storm has always been a labor of love for me, so your support is truly gratifying. Also, thanks to dan and rushman for their comments on October's A.S. blog.

Here's the schedule for November's featured artists in the Eye of The Storm....

11/1-11/2: JETHRO TULL
11/8-11/9: EAGLES
11/15-11/16: STEVIE NICKS
11/22-11/29: KINKS
(including our annual airing of "Alice's Restaurant" by Arlo Guthrie)
11/29-11/30: PINK FLOYD
(Thanksgiving Weekend: Some Songs About Home)

Of course, this Tuesday is Election get out and vote!


jeff said...

Looks like a great month coming up! I always look foward to your sunday morning show and have shared your air times with many of my friends nation wide.I listen in Santa Cruz on 104.3. Thanks for the great show!

Karen said...

I'll be listening to your Eagles show tomorrow as I head south from our summer home in Maine. My Sundays in Maine are the best thanks to your show. I'll miss them for the next 6 months as we don't have a station in South Jersey that carries the show. My favorite this year was your Jackson Browne show. Running On Empty was my first vinyl album. Each show sends me running to our music collection to pull out old favorites that I've forgotten.

Thanks for all the work you put into the show it's the best 3 hours on the radio!

Ed said...

Sunday morning are great to wake up to cup of coffee and the Asoustic Storm, I only wish it starte earlier say about sun rise and last a bit longer. Great job my ears love it!

jeff said...

Your Kinks show was a welcome treat as well! I haven't yet heard a show I did'nt like and don't expect I will! So glad the entire 3 hour show is broadcast in my area.Radio has been my favorite form of listining to music since 1959,and no Im not an old guy,I'm just
well experienced at listining! Keep up the great show.