Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Storm Listener Makes a Difference in Miami

Kudos to Mark Greenfield of Sunrise, Florida who brought The Acoustic Storm to the attention of Majic 102.7 in Miami. Mark had been tuning in to The Storm on-line, because the program was not available on the radio dial in the Miami area.

So Mark emailed and called his favorite Miami station, Majic 102.7, asking them to consider adding The Acoustic Storm. Program Director Bill Stedman and Assistant PD Mindy Lang asked me for a demo of the program, and within two weeks The Acoustic Storm was added to the Majic broadcast schedule and now airs every Sunday morning from 6-10.

Thanks Mark, for proving that listeners still have a lot of say when it comes to their local radio station!


Dan said...

Jeff, I emailed KSLX to move "The Acoustic Storm" back to Sunday mornings (7-10 am) a few weeks ago but haven't heard back.. maybe you could give KSLX a plug for the listeners in the Phoenix area to return to Sunday mornings. thanks.. Dan

Unknown said...

you've made my Sundays that much better. Thanks.

rita said...

mark greenfield was instrumental in having me tune in to the Storm while I was living in S. Fl...I, in turn, shared it with others....now S. Fl has it streaming over it's airwaves..thank you Mark!

Rita Deutsch