Friday, August 5, 2011

August on The Acoustic Storm

It was 30 years ago this month that the original Storm signed on the air in Mesa, Arizona. On August 5th, 1981 at 1:07 pm, The Storm at 107 (KSTM-FM) kicked off its six-year run with "Tomorrow Never Knows" by The Beatles. A creative inspiration for The Acoustic Storm, the original Storm played a wide variety of quality album rock. The Storm also featured some of the Phoenix area's best-known air personalities, including Jeff Parets, Mary McCann, Dennis McBroom, Wendy Weston, Andy Olson, Michele Robins, Johnny D, Lee Powell, Marcus Wright and Terry Ward.

Speaking of anniversaries, on the weekend of August 13-14, The Acoustic Storm will remember Woodstock, the three-day music festival that changed the course of rock history in the summer of '69. We'll present a special double bill in the Eye of The Storm with two of Woodstock's biggest stars, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

August Storms will also feature Steely Dan, Jackson Browne and the Moody Blues.

Here's the August schedule in the Eye of The Storm:

8/6-87: STEELY DAN

8/13-8/20: JIMI HENDRIX & JANIS JOPLIN (Woodstock Storm)


8/27-8/28: MOODY BLUES


jt said...

August 5th is Acoustic Storm's anniversary? Awesome. August 5th is my wife and my anniversary too! Today is our 39th anniversary.

Happy 30th to the Acoustic Storm and Jeff!

jt & Kathleen, long time listeners

jt said...

August 5th is my wife and my anniversary too. Today is our 39th.

Happy 30th to Acoustic Storm and Jeff!

jt & Kathleen, long-time listeners

Dan said...

seems like yesterday when KSTM was playing great music on the valley airwaves. can't beleive it's been 30 years... thanks for keeping Acoustic Storm alive and well Jeff

Let'sTalk Pets said...

Dan Fogelberg's Birthday is August 13....