Saturday, December 15, 2007

An Acoustic Storm Christmas

The past week or so, I've been busy putting together the annual holiday special, "An Acoustic Storm Christmas."

The show will air on our radio affiliates the weekend of 12/22-12/23. Check the Acoustic Storm Stations page of the Web site for the broadcast schedule in your area. Keep in mind that many Storm stations now stream the show, so even if you're not within range of a Storm radio signal, you can still tune in on-line.

By the way, several non-affiliates will be running the three-hour version of the show as part of their holiday programming on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day.

Most of An Acoustic Storm Christmas will consist of holiday acoustic rock classics like John Lennon's "Happy Xmas/War is Over" and ELP's "I Believe in Father Christmas," but you'll also hear some tunes that weren't necessarily written for December 25th, but still fit the spirit of the season like The Beatles' "All You Need is Love" and "Give a Little Bit" from Roger Hodgson of Supertramp, live and acoustic in Montreal.

Speaking of The Beatles, it was a lot of fun finding those Christmas messages and music the Fab Four recorded for their fan club in the early '60s. The records are a little scratchy, but that only adds to the nostalgia factor. Be listening for those hard-to-find audio treats as well on An Acoustic Storm Christmas.

Thanks to dan and caleb for the comments on my last post. Dan, I will be playing a rare, live-acoustic version of Jackson Browne's "The Rebel Jesus" in the first hour of An Acoustic Storm Christmas.

Caleb, your suggestion for linking selections from the weekly Acoustic Storm playlist to a place to purchase music is an idea we've kicked around the last couple of years. Hopefully, sometime in the new year we can put that together to make it easier for Storm listeners to find much of the music they hear on the show.

For an archive of listener comments on acoustic rock and the radio show itself, here's a link to The Acoustic Storm Forum.

I hope you'll take time out of your busy holiday season to unplug and unwind with The Acoustic Storm!

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Caleb said...

Shoot, I missed the Christmas show... guess it pays to... well pay attention.
Did catch this week's though... back on the horse.

Happy New Year!