Saturday, December 22, 2007

Remembering Dan Fogelberg

Although I knew Dan Fogelberg had been battling prostate cancer since 2004, I was hoping he would beat it, so it was very sad to hear about his passing last Sunday.

Fogelberg was one of the finest singer-songwriters to emerge in the early '70s. His musical output was impressive, with albums like "Home Free," "Souvenirs," "Netherlands," "Twin Sons of Different Mothers" (with flutist Tim Weisberg) , "Phoenix" and "The Innocent Age."

I saw Fogelberg perform live at Gammage Auditorium in Tempe, Arizona in his prime and I was impressed with his versatility. Everyone knows how fine a balladeer Dan was, but he also knew how to rock and was an excellent guitarist. And what vocals...Jackson Browne recently said DF had the voice of an "angel."

I've been reading some of the condolences on the Dan Fogelberg Web site. Before he passed, Dan posted a sobering message about the importance of men getting prostate exams before it's too late.

You may have also heard that Stephen Stills was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was detected early and signs are hopeful. He'll be undergoing surgery January 4th, so here's wishing Stephen a speedy recovery.

By the way, we'll pay tribute to Dan Fogelberg the weekend of 12/29-12/30 by featuring him in the Eye of The Storm.

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Larry Coffman said...

I learned of Dan Fogelberg's death while listening to the Acoustic Storm last Sunday. I was stunned, shocked and saddened. Dan's music brought me much pleasure and, unlike many in the entertainment industry, he maintained a gleaming image. I attended college in Dan's hometown of Peoria, Ill., and I wish I had known at the time that a budding rock star was in high school there. He was a terrific songwriter as well as musician and singer, and his songs carried poignant messages. I will miss him. Thanks, Jeff, for featuring him in the Eye of the Storm.